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Restaurant Inc. Magazine Features Dublin Square Irish Pub

With the strong Irish heritage in La Crosse, Irish pubs should be popping up every season.  This is not the case, however, and owner Matt Boshcka saw a real niche after an exhaustive research of the market. Seems the La Crossians were salivating for the taste of the Emerald Isle.

“The location we found was perfect, the timing was right,” said Matt.  And the research continues as Matt travels to Ireland in the summer to visit the tried-and-true Irish establishments.  The locals won’t have to know Matt is only half-Irish (the other half is Welsh).

Irish upon a star
This Irish pub offers home-cooked, hearty comfort food – the way people expect Irish fare.  Throw in the largest Irish whiskey selection in Wisconsin, and a patron should feel cast back to Dublin, Ireland with words of the Gaelic tongue bouncing from wall to wall.

Matt says they were voted best burger in La Crosse in 2012, selling nearly 300 burgers a week.  High-quality breads are baked locally, the Angus beef is from local farms, and veggies are locally sourced (within 100 mile radius).  Guinness beef dips and mushrooms, shepherd’s pie, Irish stew, and corned beef and cabbage round out the all-stars on the menu.

“It’s all about quality products and seasoning,” says Matt.

Bang the bodhran, blast the uilleann pipes
Matt and his staff did everything they could to get the word out.  This isn’t just another Irish pub.  Matt spent time their first year hustling around town to promote Dublin Square, and hotels helped drive guests to their doors.  The locals caught on to the buzz as well.

“We did a ‘Are you a Dubliner?’ radio promo and took 3rd best radio promo. Sometimes silly sells,” says Matt.

Dublin Square also engages the community with donations to local charities and heavy involvement with the Rotary Club.  Amid the recent and horrible tornadoes in Oklahoma, Matt and team conducted a food drive.  The La Crosse community responded and filled a trailer of food on behalf of the victims.

Matt is happy to help when he can, and thankful for the way things have gone in their first couple years of operation, “When we finally opened our doors in April of 2011, it was an emotional experience because we all put in so much hard work…During the day we are a family-friendly pub and eatery, and at night we are a pub and tavern.”

A good balance says La Crossians.  Here come the Irish.

A-ha! Moment
Matt realized a niche for Irish fare in La Crosse, jumping on the chance to become the Irish staple in town.  There may be an obvious niche in your marketplace – what are the locals missing?