The Pub

A Unique Irish Experience

The pub occupies a very special place in the culture and history of Ireland. The Irish are famed for creating the greatest pubs on the planet. In Irish pubs pint glasses are always half full, the crack is always ninety, and the night is always young. Over centuries the Irish have perfected the best nights out and the best celebrations where nights turn into weekends as the beer flows.

At Dublin Square Irish Pub we continue these traditions and create a place where both the young and old alike can come to have a great time and create lasting memories. It is our mission to provide a clean and enjoyable environment, safe, tasty, consistently prepared food, and good, seamless, predictable service. Stop in for great music, fun bartenders, delicious food, entertaining conversations, and of course, the clanking of the pints.

While visiting us at Dublin all we ask is you follow four simple rules:

Jameson Whiskey

  • 1. Drink Whiskey
  • 2. Respect Pub Property
  • 3. Respect Other Pub Patrons
  • 4. Drink More Whiskey
Matt Birnbaum, Matt Boshcka, and Tim Larsen

Our Owners

Meet our owners pictured above... Matt Birnbaum, Matt Boshcka, and Tim Larsen.

Ribbon Cutting with the Chamber

St. Patrick's Room