Dublin Square Irish Pub & Eatery - A Downtown La Crosse, WI Restaurant & Pub

Welcome to Dublin Square Irish Pub! The culture and tradition of Irish pubs is alive and well in downtown La Crosse, WI. We have created a place for both young and old to relax, enjoy entertaining conversation and create lasting memories, whether you are looking for downtown bars, sports bars, or restaurants.

Dublin Square Irish Pub offers patrons the choice of spending time in three different rooms, the Dame Street Bar, Throne Room, and St. Patrick’s Room for entertainment that suits your needs, whether you are interested in an authentic Irish pub experience, live music, an exciting atmosphere, a game of darts, or a quiet conversation. In addition, our outdoor patio is the perfect place to relax, listen to music or watch TV and enjoy great food and fun with friends. The patio is open to our guests during the spring, summer and fall months.

Our owners have more than 20 years of combined experience in the bar and restaurant industry. They have used this expertise to create a unique atmosphere with consistently great food and outstanding service. Our menu features a wide variety of traditional Irish fare, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, soups, salads and desserts.

There is always something going on at Dublin Square Irish Pub with events, such as contests, live Irish music, and specials. You can find our menu, drink menu, and a listing of upcoming events and daily specials on our website. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants or bars in La Crosse, WI, come to Dublin Square Irish Pub for a great time with friends, delicious food, or to watch the game on our 80" television.  Slainte!

News & events

  • Dublin Square Irish Pub Review

    Second Supper -
    Dublin Square Review

    Irish culture runs deep in many of America’s cities. After the beginning of the Great (Potato) Famine in 1845, over 20 percent of the Emerald Isle’s population began a mass exodus, many of whom passed through the inspection lines at Ellis Island. Because work outside of the cities was scarce, most of the Irish immigrants settled in the major urban areas of the East Coast and in the heartland. It was in these cities that many established Irish restaurants and pubs, La Crosse being among them. Yet, for the most part, the Coulee Region is of a predominantly Scandinavian and Germanic heritage. Thus, for as long as I have lived in the area (on and off for 13 years), I cannot rec...

  • Dining Out wth Dublin Square Irish Pub

    Dining Out -
    a taste of the green isle

    My foodie senses perk up to talk of a new restaurant. They really get going when said restaurant will feature fare not typically found on local menus. So when word hit the street that Dublin Square Irish Pub & Eatery was opening, my excitement was a bit (and yes, I'm so tempted to write "wee" bit) over the top.

    Although the culture of the Emerald Isle is represented annually through Irishfest LaCrosse, the cuisine itself has been somewhat foreign to the Coulee Region dining landscape. Owners Matt Birnbaum, Tim Larsen and Matt Boshcka, who are all from La Crosse and collectively have 15 years of restaurant industry experience, felt an absence of an authentic I...
  • Best Restaurants La Crosse, WI

    Restaurant Inc. Magazine Features Dublin Square Irish Pub

    With the strong Irish heritage in La Crosse, Irish pubs should be popping up every season.  This is not the case, however, and owner Matt Boshcka saw a real niche after an exhaustive research of the market. Seems the La Crossians were salivating for the taste of the Emerald Isle.

    “The location we found was perfect, the timing was right,” said Matt.  And the research continues as Matt travels to Ireland in the summer to visit the tried-and-true Irish establishments.  The locals won’t have to know Matt is only half-Irish (the other half is Welsh).

    Irish upon a...